New Features

  • [Admin] Added option to generate Final invoice id (under more options in invoice)
  • [General] Slightly improved installation speed
  • [Mobile Notifications] Added: support for NEXMO sms notifications
  • [Mobile Notifications] Added: support for SMSEagle sms notifications
  • [PDU_SNMP] Added: Full support for APC AP8653 PDU (including active, apparent power, voltage, currents)
  • [Services] Added: You can now enable changing billing cycle (ie. from Monthly to Anually) in upgrade settings
  • [Scaleway] SSH Key management is now always available
  • [Scaleway] Updated ip management with option to reserve public ips directly from tat page

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Changing invoice status to paid will no longer generate final invoice
  • [Admin] Reordering ticket statuses generates errors
  • [Admin] Some automation options cant be update if metered billing was not selected
  • [Admin] Translations are not parsed in order draft and cancellation request list
  • [Automation] Credit cards are not charged automatically, wrong processing date
  • [General] Can't deploy VM with paid os template if it is paid with credit
  • [General] Group discounts are not applied to paid os templates
  • [General] Group discounts are not applied to setup fee
  • [General] Module update fails with error about re-declared controller
  • [General] Multi item orders skip invoice numeration by the number of ordered items
  • [General] VPS servers created with free os templates wont allow rebuild operation
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Item dates in delivery resets every time entire delivery is edited - when date format is different than YYYY-MM-DD
  • [Metered Billing] If metered billing has been enabled for account, it may still be used on next invoices
  • [OnApp CDN] Too few accounts are updated at once by metered billing task.
  • [PayULatam] Same transaction is added multiple times
  • [Scaleway] Can't create snapshots
  • [Scaleway] Server termination doesnt work on powered down servers

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