New Features

  • [API] Added: domainDelete call - issue registrar module 'delete' method
  • [API] Added: domainDeleteHB call - delete domain from HostBill database
  • [API] Added: domainEdit call - update domain details in HostBill
  • [Api] Added: Optional 'ip' parameter in addClient method
  • [Domains] Added: Changing autorenew option by customers is now logged
  • [Domains] Added: Changing autorenew option by staff is now logged.
  • [Domains] Added: Expired domains will now have their status automatically changed to Canceled if domain is past its grace period
  • [Gateways] Added: Support for BlueMedia Online payment gateway
  • [Tickets] Added: Forward reply widget
  • [Tickets] Added: Option to create flat rates for ticket time tracking.
  • [Tickets] Added: Support for BCC email addresses
  • [Tickets] Changed: Post filters will now also run on client replies
  • [Tickets] Changed: Updated ticket reply section

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Canceling main account in order also cancels other services.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Sorting does not work on type related account pages
  • [Cart] Fixed: Changing cycle on some onestep orderpages does not recalculate components price
  • [Cart] Fixed: Domain templates do not work if category is updated
  • [Cart] Fixed: Error in dedicated server orderpage controller
  • [General] Fixed: Ajax requests get terminated when developing with hostbill.php file
  • [General] Fixed: Product emails do not work
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Error in cron - missing bandwidthnotify resource
  • [Recaptcha] Fixed: Broken login widget on some templates
  • [Recaptcha] Fixed: Missing submit ticket button on some templates.
  • [SolusVm] Fixed: Product configuration does not show if IPv6 form has a slider
  • [SolusVm] Fixed: Single vm type shows upgrade button even if none are available.
  • [Stripe] Changes: Updated stripe to latest sdk
  • [Support] Fixed: Security issue with ticket attachments from not logged in users
  • [WorldpayFuturepay] Fixed: Failed recurring charge removes customer futurepay id from profile

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