New Features

  • [2019 Theme] Added: Orderpage Label that the domain is taken if it is impossible to register the domain.
  • [Affiliates] Added: Button in affiliate details page to assign all orders of assigned customer as referred
  • [DNS Zone Editor] Added: Input field to search zones by name
  • [Direct Cart Links] Added: New option "Do not store carts if client has not added any product to the cart"
  • [Google Authenticator] Added: Option that forces the use of Two-Factor Authentication for staff members
  • [] Added: Option that sets renewal date as Expiry Date on HostBill
  • [ResellerClub] Added: A function that allows resend RAA email
  • [] Added: Ability to define disk/memory limits in GB rather than default (MB)
  • [DirectAdmin] Added: DNS Tool Option that does not delete A records during sync
  • [Status Updates] Changed: Changed no-announcement 2019 theme badge color
  • [Time & Performance Tracker] Added: Ability to manually enter time spent on given job
  • [UserAPI] Added: Option in clicnet and group automation to enforce payment with client credit when creating orders trough api.
  • [MultiBrand] Added: An Groups option that converts the amount of the created invoice to the currency set in User Currency

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Changing packages with forms looses form data if some forms share variable name
  • [Automation] Fixed: Client override to stop automatic provisioning does not work
  • [Automation] Fixed: When order involves contract it fails to provision with provisioning configured to post-order
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: "Wrong client id" error on accepting contract for order with no invoices
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Accepting contract does not redirect to invoice
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Contract accept string cannot be translated
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: DNS Tool Records that were manually added to DNS are overwritten by sync
  • [Google Authenticator] Fixed: In some cases "remember me" option does not work properly
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Client area shows 500 errors in notifications when creating/reinstalling VMs
  • [TaxJar] Fixed: Calculates incorrect total amount when editing an invoice
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Ticket Rate is not set correctly for contacts if the client has this value overwritten
  • [UpCloud] Fixed: Remove icon to remove firewall ports is not showing in client UI

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