New Features

  • [Admin] Added option to block credit cards that were declined multiple times
  • [Admin] Added option to not include suspended accounts in income forecast
  • [Admin] Added option to prevent credit card updates in selected time period
  • [Admin] Added options to override domain renewals in client group
  • [Affiliates] Added: Option to auto-withdraw signup bonus into credit
  • [Affiliates] Added: Option to set default auto-withdrawal method for affiliate
  • [API] Added optional parameter 'note' to editInvoiceDetails
  • [Clientarea] Added option to store bank details (for ACH processing)
  • [Cloudstack] Added option to specify Hypervisor type for vms that will use ISO images
  • [Template] Desing 11 - layout updated to work better on phones in portrait mode
  • [Payment Gateways] Added: ( echeck processing)
  • [PDU SNMP] Added: Raritan Dominon PX - ability to show Current, Max current, active power, apparent power, voltage
  • [Switch SNMP] Added: SNMP Driver for Cisco SG500X-24 Switch

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Account stats in server list are now counted grouped by status
  • [Admin] Company name can't use quotes
  • [Admin] Over payed amount is lost when adding new payment from admin area
  • [Admin] Upgrade line in order changed to Downgrade/Upgrade
  • [Admin] When using "Add credit to client balance" refund, invoice status is not changed to "Refunded"
  • [Affiliates] Client is redirected to affiliate landing page when using affiliate voucher
  • [API] No error when trying to add new client with existing email address
  • [Automation] Credit card charges are occurring after due date
  • [Automation] Mark domains as expired task dosn't work
  • [Automation] Next renewal invoice is generated right after domain is renewed
  • [Automation] Renewal task always show 0 domains renewed count
  • [Automation] Renewal task doesn't work if invoice was edited to be marked as paid.
  • [Clientarea] Customer can place cancelation request, even with unpaid invoices for related service
  • [Clientarea] News are not ordered properly in news history page
  • [Clientarea] Slider / qty fields display incorrectly in service summary
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Adding build always set date to 0000-00-00
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Fixed item price field type from small integer max 255 to decimal format
  • [Openstack] Can't fully provision VPS accounts
  • [Payment] Early subscription payments do not include gateway fees when added as credit
  • [Tickets] Replies are not imported with "This message refers to a different department than related ticket" after department change for ticket.
  • [Zimbra] Password complexity check doesnt work with multiple COSs

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