New Features

  • [Admin] Added: "Product Code" field for product details
  • [Admin] Added: Information on how invoice was created added to invoice log
  • [Promotions] Added: You can now generate credit vouchers for your customer to redeem credit from
  • [DirectAdmin License] Added: Option to re-use license
  • [Gateway Per Client] Added: It is now possible to ignore the alert display of the fraud order and redirect immediately to the payment gateway
  • [General] Added: Option to change upgrade pro-rata calculation precision for specific products or client groups.
  • [Mollie] Added: New EPS payment gateway for the Mollie module
  • [OVH] Changed: Domain registrar module now uses the new OVH REST API
  • [Products] Added: Its now possible to create "internal" ticket with custom automation tasks

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: When the Multibrand module is turned on and the client has been edited, the client can not log in.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Creating credit note fills the form with already taxed value.
  • [Billing] Fixed: Generated file name for invoice is empty if non-ascii characters are used for company name.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Custom payment success url is not always used when credit card module was used for payment
  • [cPanelDNS] Fixed: Product config does not store default SOA email option
  • [Clients] Fixed: Adding new contact does not send welcome email to said contact.
  • [Dcimanager2] Fixed: Operation scheduled before termination create errors after account is re-activated.
  • [GatewayFees] Fixed: Gateway charge is moved to separate invoice when order is cancelled.
  • [General] Fixed: If no gateway is enabled of any type, its not possible to see inactive gateways
  • [LibreNMS] Fixed: First graph shows 5min usage, rather than daily use
  • [LibreNMS] Fixed: Graphs do not load for LibreNMS 1.43
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Exception when requesting details for removed VM.
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Metered billing is not beeing executed if ther is a task with similar PID.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Boot order change does not take effect on reboot.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: ISO images list includes vm-templates.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Rebuild does not reset boot order.
  • [SSL Certificates] Fixed: Unable to change account owner.
  • [Support] Fixed: When a staff member does not belong to the ticket department and has assigned a ticket from this department, he can not access it.
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Forms hidden from cart are not added to upgrade invoice
  • [WorldPay] Fixed: Modules stopped working after September 25

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