New Integrations

  • [PayNow] Added: mBank PayNow payment gateway

New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Admin can now see related product min price when working with order drafts
  • [Admin] Added: Staff can now see the lowest product price when working with drafts
  • [Billing] Changed: Invoice for resource upgrade will consist related account's domain name
  • [Duitku] Changed: Payment link expiration period changed to 1hr
  • [ExactOnline] Added: Filtering clients and invoices by brand
  • [Forms] Added: Option to auto-update all accounts/domains text form (input, textarea, textblock) values to default product value
  • [GlobeSSL] Changed: When placing an order, tech and billing contacts are not required
  • [Internetx] Added: Support for domain delete command
  • [Orders] Added: Possibility to activate and deactivate a related component
  • [Products] Added: Its now possible to define a QTY-based products
  • [Sepa Direct Debit] Changed: Partial/full payments of sepa gateway impacts invoice total on listing
  • [] Added: Admin UI button in invoice interface for SEPA module showing if payment process started for invoice, allowing to unlock payment for invoice again
  • [] Added: More descriptive log in gateway log when SEPA payment starts
  • [Tickets] Added: Ability for client to specify CC list when creating ticket

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Cancelation request started from filtered page may not work
  • [Admin] Fixed: Client personal discount is not applied in order draft
  • [Admin] Fixed: Metrics widget often gets first render from unrelated table wiget
  • [Autologin] Fixed: PHP81 errors
  • [Automation] Fixed: When importing messages using the oAuth method, not all attachments are added correctly
  • [Cart] Fixed: Incorrect default tax is pre-selected when creating new order draft
  • [Cart] Fixed: Values on un-hidden fields are out of sync with cart summary
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Missing domain logs title in domain log client function
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Some domains show client functions twice
  • [Cron] Fixed: Maximum execution time of X seconds exceeded error on some cron tasks
  • [DNS Services] Fixed: Zone is not created automatically when transferring a domain
  • [ExactOnline] Fixed: Print does not set the InvoiceDate parameter
  • [Forms] Fixed: Client-initiated text form changes are not logged properly into domain form
  • [Gateway Per Client] Fixed: Customer who is considered fraudulent does not have subset of gateways selected if he wants to add funds without order
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Resource pages in client area shows incorect IP limit
  • [Orders] Fixed: Related component has incorrectly set value in order draft
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Provisioning fails if OS template uses a different network bridge than the one in product
  • [] Fixed: Sometimes the domain cannot be renewed
  • [SolidCP] Fixed: Account provisioning fails due to low timout settings
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: Address for admin contact is not automatically set
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: Sometimes when placing an order, Common Name has a empty value in subsequent order steps
  • [SSL Services] Fixed: The generated CSR does not have a Common Name if no value is provided in the form
  • [Status Updates] Fixed: Module fails to send entire list if one of clients were removed after list was created
  • [] Fixed: Customer may not be able to start payment process from client interface for SEPA module
  • [Time Tracker] Fixed: Time discrepancy between widgets when closing ticket timer

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