New Features

  • [VodiaPBX] Added: New module to measure & bill resources on Vodia PBX domains

Bugs Fixed

  • [Automation] Fixed: PDF documents fail to generate if company logo was added.
  • [Autoupdater] Fixed: Autoupdate fails on last step if server responds with new line at the top
  • [Buckaroo] Fixed: When the customer pays an iDEAL gateway and the payment has the Pending status, then the customer receives a message with an error
  • [Cart] Fixed: Cart signup forms show fields that should be available only upon edit
  • [Clients] Fixed: When closing client profile his final invoices (unpaid) are closed too.
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Paying for invoice appearing in bulk-invoice can lead to empty unpaid invoice in client portal
  • [LibreNMS] Fixed: Updated hb_api.php for php7 support
  • [SSLModules] Fixed: Call to undefined method SSLModule::fetchCertInfo() in class.enomsslsync.php
  • [SolidCP] Fixed: "Cannot redeclare class DotNetPanel" on some installations
  • [] Fixed: In live mode, the payment gateway WeChat does not generate QR code
  • [] Fixed: When the webhook was directed to another Stripe payment gateway, the Gateway Log shows that the payment has failed
  • [Support] Fixed: When only teams are assigned to the ticket departments, the "All Tickets" button does not appear in the left menu
  • [Support] Fixed: When only teams are assigned to the ticket departments, the "Tickets" tab in the customer profile does not return any results.
  • [Support] Fixed: When the team has been assigned to the ticket department, members of this team do not see the department in the left menu
  • [UserApi] Fixed: Language tags are not translated to user language

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