New Features

  • [Module] Added: User API - REST API interface for your customers Learn more
  • [Domain Registrars] Added: domain registrar integration
  • [Domain Registrars] Added: domain registrars integration
  • [Payment Gateways] Added: payment gateway integration
  • [eSelect Plus Direct] Added: Ability to refund transactions
  • [Affiliates] Added: It is now possible to approve higher commission rate than order total

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Cant set mark invoices as Paid if using default billing method.
  • [Admin] Unable to change invoice status to Paid in default invoicing model.
  • [Automation] Product update sets wrong invoice date for clients in groups that override invoice generation
  • [Domain] InternetX - synchronizing domains after renewal sets wrong expiry date
  • [Gateway] PayU Latam - some transactions are recorded twice.
  • [General] Account fields upgrade doesnt work
  • [General] Client update event data is inconsistent
  • [General] Customer cannot place upgrade order
  • [General] Invoice updates may generate sql errors
  • [Inventory Manager v2] Link to finished builds is missing from UI
  • [OnApp] Account termination fails if user was already removed
  • [OnApp] If os template invoice is paid with credit, machine is not autoprovisioned
  • [Polite Greetings] Customer name is wrongly interpreted for greeting
  • [Proxmox] Network issues may lead to page timeouts in client area.

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