New Features

  • [API] Added: getSubCategories call to list available sub-orderpages from main category
  • [Colocation Manager] Added: When connecting ports, the port name is also displayed in addition to the number
  • [Domains] Added: Its possible to define and select multiple apps connections for domain modules
  • [Proxmox2] Added: Option to enable IPSet IP filters

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Its not possible to view invoice template if any syntax errors were made
  • [Admin] Fixed: Performance issues when editing invoice templates
  • [Automation] Fixed: Adding debug=off parameter to cron does not disable log output
  • [Colocation Manager] Fixed: When reloading ports, relations for old ports are overwritten
  • [cPanel DNS] Fixed: When DNSSEC is enabled in adminarea the keys are not displayed in clientarea
  • [Enom] Fixed: Domain transfer cannot be performed for some TLDs
  • [EurID] Fixed: The lastname field in contact details has an incorrect value
  • [GeoLocation] Fixed: User cannot change his preferred cart currency to other than set in georules
  • [GoDaddy] Fixed: Cannot register domain for some TLDs
  • [IPAM] Fixed: IPs that have not been assigned by the IPAM module are not displayed
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Account type is always Private when creating a new client
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: The generated invoices have the wrong tax value
  • [LibreNMS] Fixed: Responses with only one row cannot be processed
  • [OnApp CDN] Fixed: PHP error under php 7+ when creating products
  • [OpenProvider Licenses] Fixed: The module does not connect properly when a hash is set instead of a password
  • [Plesk] Fixed: SQL error in zone deletion handler for DNS Zone helper
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Admin area does not load new VM templates
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Potential stored-xss issue in tickets section
  • [UserAPI] Fixed: API returns product prices in the wrong currency.

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