New Features

  • [Admin] Added option to enable search for selected client (registration) fields
  • [Automation] Added option to enable automatic renewals after renew order is placed.
  • [Client area] Added option to define contacts as organization
  • [DuoSecurity] Added option change username type [id, email, username]
  • [DuoSecurity] Added option to map users to specific duo security login
  • [DuoSecurity] Added option to select auth/enrollment layout

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Cant edit invoice tax rate
  • [Admin] Cant update account forms if using bundle type
  • [Admin] Pagination doesnt work correctly on number of admin area pages when you use filters
  • [Antagus] Expiry date is not synchronized
  • [Billing] Final invoices can generate with the same ID
  • [Billing] Marking invoice as paid doesnt generate final ID
  • [Braintree Token] Failed payments result in php error
  • [Cart] One step orders can be submitted without required hostname
  • [General] Client area doesnt work after setting trusted proxies
  • [General] It is possible to request account downgrade before previous on is completed
  • [InternetX] Expiration date is not extended for domain that do not support renewals.
  • [Manage2] After unsuspend license id is not updated
  • [ModernPanel] Domain management is not accessible from dashboard
  • [OnApp CDN] Big usage spike are incorrectly displaying in usage report
  • [OwnCloud] Provisioning new accounts does not work under OwnCloud 8.1
  • [PowerDNS] Incorrect records are added for IDN domains
  • [Top Bandwidth List] Cron fails when fetching usage data for accounts with more than one module assigned
  • [VirtualnameES] Contact creation fails

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