New Features

  • [Affiliates] Added: Its now possible to add manual commission in affiliate details screen
  • [Domains] Added: Domain grace period - amount of days after domain expiration that it cannot be renewed by customer
  • [Hooks] Added: after_acceptorder hook fired after staff accepts order
  • [Module] Added: Free module to automatically change client group upon package purchase: Learn more
  • [OnApp v4] Added: Its now possible to purchase additional bandwidth for single-vm products
  • [SEPA Direct Debit] Added: Its now possible to select SEPA xml file format in creditor details
  • [SMS Verification] Added Nexmo Verify submodule for more cost-efficient profile verifications: Learn more
  • [Tickets] Added: Improved admin ticket load speed

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Select with qty form does not save min/max configuration
  • [Cart] Fixed: Configuration does not load for hidden order pages
  • [Cart] Fixed: Select with qty shows wrong values when un-hidden
  • [MultibrandGroups] Fixed: javascript error in brand configuration
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Some payment modules do not work on custom brands.
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Memory size always shows as "B" in vps listings
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Upgrade/downgrade link for OS template field leads to generic upgrade screen, rather than OS rebuild screen
  • [Paypal] Fixed: Some subscriptions are not saved in database
  • [SEPA Direct Debit] Fixed: Mandate date does not save when calendar format is other than YYYY-MM-DD

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