New Features

  • [API] Added: addOrder call now supports "custom" array to set form fields of ordered product
  • [OnApp v4] Added: Backup limit will now be checked in HostBill before creating new backup from client UI.
  • [OpenSRS SSL] Added: When customer resubmits csr for pending account with previously failed provisioning status, certificate will attempt to be created again
  • [QuickbooksOnline] Added: Multibrand support
  • [QuickbooksOnline] Added: Sorting & filter option to admin area export pages
  • [SEPA Direct Debit] Added: Its now possible to "unmatch" matched statement row
  • [SEPA Direct Debit] Added: Its now possible to add matched invoice id if auto-match added only client
  • [SEPA Direct Debit] Added: Suport for Sparkasse MT940 bank statement format
  • [Wirecard Checkout Seamless] Added: Recurring transactions will now use proper transaction id (from gatewayReferenceNumber)
  • [cPanel v2] Added: Option to access email accounts directly
  • [cPanel v2] Added: Option to delete old backups
  • [cPanel v2] Added: Option to download database backups from database management page

Bugs Fixed

  • [API] Fixed: Subsequent Internal API calls for listings does not respect "page" attr
  • [Admin] Fixed: Filtering services does not work when changing pages
  • [Cart] Fixed: Can't order suggested domains if queried domains are not available.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Domain suggestions do not work for domains already in system
  • [Cart] Fixed: domains ordered with hosting do not have nameservers if hosting does not define them.
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Nextgen clean template has layout issues with cpanel widgets
  • [Domains] Fixed: Domains details show renewal generation even even if it is disabled in product
  • [Invoice] Fixed: Incorrect Tax for items with negative amounts when using inclusive taxes.
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Gateway configuration override does not work.
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Gateway configuration override does not work. - updates to overide other modules config
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: OS templates does not list with connection error.
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Convert to template option is shown on backups list, even if this feature is disabled in product config
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: templates section is shown in storage tab, even if convert to backup feature is disabled
  • [OnappReseller] Fixed: Product configuration does not list OS templates
  • [OnappReseller] Fixed: Provisioning fails - missing memory unit resource error
  • [OnappReseller] Fixed: There is no error if account provisioning fails
  • [Proxmox 2] Fixed: When creating VM from QUEMU clone, hostname is not set
  • [Stripe Checkout] Fixed: On Last order step info about payment redirect is being rendered, which is confusing
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: Layout issues on some client area templates
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: backup download links do not work
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: backup status is not refreshed
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: can't remove domain redirects
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: can't remove email accounts
  • [cPanel v2] Fixed: phpmyadmin access links do not work

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