New Features

  • [Affiliates] Added client area option to enable/disable affiliate reports.
  • [Affiliates] Added multi-level affiliates, percent of sub-affiliate commissions can be transferred to parent-affiliate.
  • [Affiliates] Added option to automate withdrawals.
  • [Affiliates] Added option to change referral on existing orders
  • [Affiliates] Added option to edit commision values
  • [Affiliates] Added option to set referral on order draft
  • [Affiliates] Added option to show more details in refereed orders in client area
  • [Affiliates] Added two new tabs, withdrawal and pending withdrawals to to help with pay-outs

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Order draft owner links to client profile instead of admin profile
  • [Affiliates] Fixed profile links in commissions tab.
  • [API] Can't update account details without product_id variable
  • [Bandwidth Billing] Projected usage/overage is not displayed/calculated
  • [BrainTree Token] Configuration doesnt show if using only one currency
  • [Cart] Bulk register only shows first selected tld
  • [Domain] ResellerClub - cant set MX record priority
  • [Gateway Fees] Admin area shows configuration for removed gateways
  • [General] Custom whois script doesnt work for some tlds
  • [General] Geo location plug-in blocks payment gateways
  • [General] Order total is set to 0 if invoice is paid with credit
  • [OnApp] Paid template after vm is destroyed cannot be reused (new invoice is issued)
  • [Opensrs] PEAR errors when using cron & OnApp metered billing enabled
  • [Templates] Design11 - fixed issues with broken orderpages
  • [Templates] Design11 - fixed multiple issues with broken clieant area layout
  • [Templates] Design11 - missing translation
  • [Templates] $currencies variable is missing from signup page
  • [Templates] Design 11 - login page doesnt display correctly on latest version of chrome
  • [Admin] Price update with selected option to update account prices takes very long to process/timeouts
  • [Cart] Cant order account with own domain name if it was used in another account.
  • [VirtualnameES] Synchronization can set expire status if there are some communication issues
  • [VirtualnameES] Transfer fails if using symbols in epp/auth code

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