New Features

  • [Clients] Added: Clientarea pagination for client contacts
  • [Constellix DNS] Added: Ability to set Vanity Nameserver
  • [Direct Cart Links] Added: Abandoned Carts feature to track browsed carts in real time, send reminders, generate drafts & more
  • [HTML Integration] Added: Domain pricing samples for HTML integrator JS snippets
  • [Openstack] Added: Option to create, remove and use snapshots for rebuild.
  • [ResellerClub] Added: "Resellerclub Domain Details" widget in domain details to load current GDPR/RAA status for domain
  • [SpamExperts] Fixed: Module fails to add domain user in single domain operation mode when no custom email field is added

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Invoice log uses server timezone rather than system settings tz
  • [Admin] Fixed: Its not possible to select anything using "server group selector" during order made by admin
  • [Blocked Domain Names] Fixed: Transfer can be ordered for a blocked domain
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: No metered usage is generated on daily cron run.
  • [DirectAdmin DNS] Fixed: In some cases, zone records cannot be displayed
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: In some cases, Cloud Linux client functions are not working properly
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: In some cases, file manager not working
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: The Cron Jobs client function displays additional lines
  • [FullPanel Theme] Fixed: Service submenu does not load
  • [Gateway Per Client] Fixed: Incorrect payment gateways are displayed in cart
  • [IPAM] Fixed: Option to re-assign all IPs does not change description/reassign to '' in some cases
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Sometimes adding an entry to jelastic.log returns an error
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Sometimes the order was assigned to the wrong customer
  • [Password Manager] Fixed: password/category assignments are not displayed
  • [PDF] Fixed: Despite using same template structure as invoice output PDF for estimate looks broken
  • [Payment] Fixed: Transactions not linked to an invoice are not added to client credit.
  • [Payment] Fixed: Transactions not linked to an invoice are not added to client credit.
  • [Products] Fixed: Unable to select "Match free domain period with hosting cycle"
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Provisioning fails if node selection is enabled during order
  • [Realtime Register SSL] Fixed: Unable to set approval email for Wildcard certificates
  • [Support Fields] Fixed: form validation did not work properly while creating a ticket
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Sorting in custom tickets views was reset after going to ticket

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