New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Client's user agent information
  • [Forms] Added: Text block field, to render data in client portal entered by admin in service/domain details section
  • [Google Authenticator] Added: OTP Code re-use prevention

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Calendar all-day events are crated one day shorter than the selected date range
  • [Admin] Fixed: Errors when viewing module specific account lists
  • [Admin] Fixed: Placing order for an SSL product can generate error exception
  • [Admin] Fixed: Sometimes the My Support Tickets widget displays a PHP error
  • [Clients] Fixed: Clicking on invoitation link redirects to login page without further instructions
  • [General] Fixed: Server assigment does not select the server with the lowest usage rate if all servers are overused.
  • [GoCardless] Fixed: For php 8.1 an error is displayed during payment
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Fixed: Product configuration does not load options upon changing module
  • [HostBill Fraud Protection] Fixed: Module lists all macros, including timers related causing configuration UI to not respond
  • [IPAM] Fixed: Unassiging IP address upon termination may cause general slowndown of entire system on certain mysql version
  • [] Fixed: From name is not configurable
  • [Orders] Fixed: PHP81 error on some admin order drafts
  • [Rhipe Microsoft CSP] Fixed: Sandbox API url has changed
  • [Taxjar] Fixed: Tax-exempt invoices have total calculated wrong
  • [Top Bandwidth Usage List] Fixed: Module lists inactive accounts for bandwidth usage
  • [] Fixed: Automatic export of invoices doesn't work
  • [] Fixed: Automatic export of transaction doesn't work

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