New Features

  • [] Added: Ability to select integration method (popup vs redirect)
  • [CSV] Added: Ability to export client by account type (private/organization)
  • [Customer Rewards] Added: Ability to auto-order free product for customer after getting a reward
  • [Customer Rewards] Added: Ability to define manual reward, one that customer needs to claim by himself
  • [Customer Rewards] Added: Reward and point logs for clients/admins
  • [VMManager] Added: Option to no IP pool to have it picked by vmmanager automatically
  • [VMManager] Added: Option to select cluster in product configuration
  • [] Added: "Export only paid invoices" configuration option

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Admins without edit invoice role are not able to view invoice items
  • [Admin] Fixed: Invoice item tax is changed when viewing invoices.
  • [SSL2BUY] Fixed: PHP error during provisioning on installs with php > 8
  • [] Fixed: Sepa module allows customer to initiate payment process multiple times
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Underperforming sql query slows down opening new ticket interface in client portal
  • [] Fixed: The OAuth 2.0 button in the Multibrand module does not correctly set the App
  • [] Fixed: When the "Export only paid invoices" option is checked, transactions are not exported

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