New Features

  • [Account Search] Added: Module now can also look for DNS zones managed by HostBill within smart search
  • [Admin] Added: Assigned to affiliate info in client profile
  • [Client area] Changed: Client will stay on the same page after logging in instead of being redirected to root page
  • [Exact Online] Added: .es API endpoint
  • [Google Analytics] Added: "Cross Domain tracking" support for universal tracker
  • [LiqPay] Changed: Endpoint API urls changed from .com to .ua tlds
  • [Tickets] Added: Improved ticket opening speed on large databases
  • [Whois] Added: Added whois server for .RS

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Can't enable hostname option in product domain settings.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Missing template files for client contacts creation.
  • [Billing] Fixed: billing for total bandwidth shows wrong values for predicted overage
  • [Cloud Signup 2] Fixed: After signing up from SSO module (Twitter/Facebook/Github) user is not redirected to URL set in CloudSignup module
  • [Cloudsignup 2] Fixed: Order created for client are not going trough fraud scan.
  • [Payment] Fixed: Subscription payments do not add funds if all client orders were canceled
  • [SpamExpert Reseller] Fixed: Provisioning fails if password includes special characters
  • [SpamExpert Reseller] Fixed: Upgrade does not work - missing email parameter
  • [Tickets] Fixed: If parent ticket was deleted an odd ticket relationship listing is shown in child threads
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Internal tickets are listed on root and support pages on old clientarea templates

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