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Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] "Send Test email" feature do not work in configuration with SMTP enabled.
  • [Admin] Accepting order will now try to provision hosting accounts by default (can be un-checked in order details)
  • [Admin] Creating contact for company incorrectly sets company name from parent account
  • [Admin] Dashboard will highlight activity logs since last login
  • [Admin] Polite Greetings plugin always use company name instead of client name after recent update
  • [Admin] When manually accepting order, it will change to Active if provisioning was successful, ignoring other steps
  • [Billing] Added new option to merge invoices generated on the same due date
  • [Billing] Merged invoices set incorrect due date
  • [Billing] Renamed previous auto merge option to "merge invoices generated on the same day"
  • [BlueTheme] Fonts are not loading on https sites
  • [Cart] Forms with tiered pricing calculate wrong price for max value
  • [Cart] Individual discounts from client group are applied to not discounted products
  • [Cart] Multiple pricing options for the same period when ordering domain for hosting account
  • [Cloudstack Flavors] Usage records are not logged if using multiple servers
  • [CSV Export] Updated UI with new features
  • [DirectCartLinks] Doesn't work if product description contains specific characters
  • [Email] SMTP email test doesn't work
  • [FlatUI] Missing translations
  • [FreeRadius] Can't load server data when used as additional module
  • [General] Invoices are generated 7 days before due date if invoice generation days is set to 0
  • [HBMonitoring] Account creation fails when using this as main module
  • [HBMonitoring] Client area graphs do not work
  • [InternetX] Typo in configuration description
  • [Language] Added support for custom tags in ticket department name and description
  • [Language] Adding custom lines will now pre-fill all languages
  • [Language] Custom language tags editor doesn't work with new languages
  • [OnApp 4] metered billing for backup zones doesn't work
  • [OnApp CDN] Edge group configuration gets hidden when setting up custom pricing
  • [OnApp] Update to paid os templates in version 3.2.x
  • [Product] Additional modules show wrong configuration template
  • [Product] Removed "when manually accepting order" from automation settings
  • [Proxmox] It is possible to deploy vms with resources over available limit
  • [SSLSynchronization] Domains near expiry date generate invoice each day
  • [Virtualizor] Ipv6 subnets are not assigned to VPS
  • [Virtualizor] Plan settings are not used when deploying VPS

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