New Features

  • [Private Products] Added: New plugin to let you show your hidden products to selected group of clients only
  • [API] Added: Method for issuing a credit note
  • [Admin] Added: Option in the registration fields, which enforces a unique value
  • [Admin] Changed: Server selection for account import updated to support searching. - added background queue for import_callback
  • [Client area] Added: Customers can cancel an unpaid invoice for renewing a domain after obtaining permission in Client Permissions
  • [FraudLabsPro] Added: Option to skip verification for returning customers
  • [Gateway Per Client] Added: Option to redirect customer to unpaid invoice with custom notification message after making fraudulent order
  • [Hooks] Added: after_creditnotecreate hook points
  • [Notification] Changed: If you have several modules set for the client in the Notification Settings and the message is sent correctly by at least one module, then the status in the log will be Send.
  • [Paysera] Added: Paysera payment gateway for HostBill
  • [Payssion] Added: Integration with Payssion payment gateway
  • [Stripe] Added: Chargeback support to all Stripe gateways for HostBill

Bugs Fixed

  • [API] Fixed: Some methods return an incomplete response
  • [API] Fixed: When creating an order using HostBill API, the logs do not show the used coupons.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Billing and automation options do not show up in client profile.
  • [Automation] Fixed: Apply Credit to due invoices task does not decrease client credit when applying it to invoice. rdns - make it possible to upgrade ipam data
  • [Domain DNS] Fixed: "User not found" random error when zone is being created for new client without dns management account present
  • [Enom] Fixed: Exception: [] operator not supported for strings for php 7.1
  • [General] Fixed: If queue is enabled, language change option in client area takes two clicks to work
  • [IPAM] Fixed: getVlan by IP API function throws error if no vlan is assigned to IP
  • [Logs] Fixed: Missing log file breaks log view / hangs php process
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Import fails to setup vps related data
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Unable to server data if white-list is enabled on related user
  • [Orders] Fixed: "Too few arguments" for OrderDraft::setServiceCustomData under php 7.1
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Updating rDNS records from client area does not update related entries in IPAM
  • [Queue] Fixed: "Unable to get pidfile contents" error on restarting queue in foreground mode
  • [ScaleWay] Fixed: Cannot enable IPv6 on C1 instance error
  • [ScaleWay] Fixed: OS image selection does not include all options available in scalway.
  • [ScaleWay] Fixed: OS images in client area show multiple option with the same name.
  • [ScaleWay] Fixed: Wrong arch for selected type error when creating new VM.
  • [Servertastic SSL] Fixed: Synchronization does not work correctly when the account was created manually or by the module with the old API
  • [UserApi] Fixed: Argument 3 passed to TypeDispatcher::applyDomainsWidgets() must be an instance of Template, instance of ApiResponse given

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