New Features

  • [Desktop Notifications] Added: you can now define on what events you should be notified
  • [Emails] Added: If error with email send occurs it is not being added to email message, but shown in admin portal only
  • [Gateways] Added: Support for payment gateway
  • [Gateways] Added: Support for payment gateway
  • [OnApp] Changed: Updated test connection to verify admin privileges instead of pulling hypervisors

Bugs Fixed

  • [API] Fixed: Api response contain mixed object/array for form component config.
  • [Automation] Fixed: SQL error when synchronizing ssl certificate expiry date.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Adding products to cart does not work Dedicated server cart template.
  • [General] Fixed: SQL error when removing credit card from client profile.
  • [General] Fixed: missing templates_c/index.php randomly occurs
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Test connection fails on some servers due to broken xml output
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Add bandwidth option is not available for suspended VPS accounts

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