New Features

  • [Affiliates] Changed: Affiliates can change their landing url to one within root domain.
  • [Cpanel2] Added: New client function to allow ip block removal from CSF Learn more
  • [Mail] Added: You can now send emails using Mailgun service Learn more
  • [MaxMind] Added: requests with the same details are temporary cached to minimize costs

Bugs Fixed

  • [Domains] Fixed: When renewing domain with idprotection disabled its still being added to cart.
  • [Acronis Backup] Fixed: includes/modules/Hosting/acronis/class.acronis.php error
  • [Admin] Fixed: Datepicker date have wrong format
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Applicable voucher products/categories are not translated
  • [Clients] Fixed: Service names are not translated in send mass mail section
  • [CloudSignup]: Fixed: Add funds is not checked against fraud
  • [CloudSignup]: Fixed: client details verification doesn't work with required custom registration fields
  • [Dedicated Servers Manager 5] Fixed: Noc-PS module does not work with self-signed certificates
  • [Exact Online] Fixed: Export buttons are missing in admin UI
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Fixed: Categories grid width/height problem of add/edit boxes
  • [Inventory Manager 2] Fixed: Delivery date is invalid error
  • [Openstack2] fixed: Cannot stop rescued instance
  • [Openstack2] fixed: Connection errors on latest openstack version
  • [Openstack2] fixed: Root password reset option doesn't show previously selected option
  • [Openstack2] fixed: Security groups do not work on latest version
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Console doesnt work on latest version, unsupported extension
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Error about unsupported floating ips extension
  • [Openstack] Fixed: VM reinstall doesn't work on latest version
  • [Proxmox 2] Fixed: Backup compression type is always set to gzip
  • [Proxmox 2] Fixed: KVM Disk is always set to raw if NFS share is used for storage
  • [Quickbooks Desktop] Fixed: Export buttons are missing in admin UI
  • [Quickbooks Online] Fixed: Export buttons are missing in admin UI
  • [SolsuVm2] Fixed: Can not search accounts by ip
  • [] Fixed: Export buttons does not show in admin UI

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