New Features

  • [Hooks] Added: after_domain_cancellationrequest event
  • [Interworx] Changed: Customer email will be used as username post-account creation
  • [Invoices] Added: Option to filter invoices by company name
  • [ISP Config] Added: Ability to add an addon with Additional Template to the account
  • [NORid] Added: Ability to perform a transfer using a one-time token
  • [Tickets] Added: New option "Only logged in clients can view tickets" in configuration
  • [Tickets] Added: Ability to encrypt ticket main message contents
  • [Tickets] Added: Ability to use filter through tags in department SLA triggers
  • [Tickets] Added: Option for name+id column for ticket views
  • [Tickets] Added: Special filter tag "untagged" to include tickets without tags in search result
  • [Tickets] Changed: Macro replies triggered by department SLA appears as System rather than Admin reply

Bugs Fixed

  • [CCAvenue] Fixed: Encryption string is broken for initiating payment
  • [Billing] Fixed: Overpaid invoice balance is not auto-added to client credit balance when transaction is added by payment gateway
  • [Cart] Fixed: Deprecated orderpage for domain+suggestions does not list results
  • [CCAvenue] Fixed: Encryption string is broken for initiating payment
  • [DNS] Fixed: DNS zone attempts to create on domain edit despite domain being ordered with hosting package
  • [Import] Fixed: Import TLD prices always get prices from the default App
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Its not possible to access Firewall section without enabled Network section access
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Creating new VM sets up two interfaces if selected template uses net0
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Termination fails if replication is enabled
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Subsequent, different level SLA rules based on admin last reply time are not triggered
  • [WebNiC] Fixed: Sometimes domain renewal returns the error: "Timed Out"

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