New Features

  • [Admin] Added: New hook after_validatehostname
  • [API] Added: Additional optional parameters for the knowledgebase
  • [API] Added: Additional options for API calls for tickets
  • [Namesilo] Added: Support for premium domains + domain lookups
  • [News] Added: Ability to assign news to a brand
  • [] Added: 3DS in new page option for Intents 3DS
  • [ZACR] Changed: API endpoints updated

Bugs Fixed

  • [Acronis] Fixed: Upgrading/downgrading does not set items correctly
  • [Cart] Fixed: Unable to submit orders on the Dedicated order page.
  • [Dedicated Servers Manager] Fixed: Top bandwidth list module does not show any results
  • [EurID] Fixed: Unable to register domain after API changes
  • [General] Fixed: Contact invites allow links as the contact name which can be abused.
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Credit notes have the wrong brand with Groups
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Registration Fields that are disabled are still displayed in the clientarea
  • [Namesilo] Fixed: Error with wrong phone number during domain registrations
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Sometimes poll returns an error
  • [Stats] Fixed: "Revenue by App" does not include domain app connection statistics
  • [Status Updates] Fixed: Notification is sent to customers from all brands even when brands are not selected
  • [vmWare vCloud Director] Fixed: Unable to setup edge gateway services, error about missing subnet prefix.

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