New Features

  • [Admin] Changed: The notification system in the tab My Account has been hidden
  • [Amazon EC2] Added: Option to refresh OS image cache from related product
  • [Cart] Changed: If post-payment success url is set, invoice paid with credit after order will also redirect to it.
  • [DHCP] Fixed: Entries with the same hostname are not added with correct hostname value
  • [Hooks] Added: after_activateaffiliate hook points
  • [Plesk KeyAdministrator] Added: Bulk key management page also lists licenses that are not managed by HostBill
  • [RealTimeRegister] Added: Additional option in app connection that forces transfers to extend domain expiration date.
  • [ResellerClub SSL] Added: New module to resell ResellerClub SSL certificates with HostBill.
  • [Tickets] Changed: Its now possible to leave notes to closed ticket
  • [Wirecard] Added: Button to charge existing billing agreement by admin in unpaid invoice details

Bugs Fixed

  • [API] Fixed: addTicket method does not work, returning error about no available departments.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Creating upgrade orders from account page does not work.
  • [Amazon EC2] Fixed: PHP Error in background queue when trying to update OS images
  • [Billing Contact Select] Fixed: Contacts with closed status are listed as possible billing contacts
  • [Cart.js] Fixed: Order fails if coupon is applied
  • [General] Fixed: Using internal api will generate errors with functions that use redirection
  • [PayPal] Fixed: "Authorize payment" step in orders with paypal fails with "CVV was not provided for automatic authorization" message when email verification is disabled
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Removing VM / IP does not clear related IPAM data.
  • [Square] Fixed: Refund do not work properly
  • [Support] Change: Update POP import task output to show import status and email subject.
  • [Support] Fixed: Email from admin not assigned to targeted department are dropped without any info in import log.
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Upgrade does not take into account the actual number of days in a month when the service is upgraded
  • [Virtualizor2] Fixed: No media groups are assigned to cloud users.
  • [Virtualizor2] Fixed: Provisioning fails to assign allowed virtualization types for Cloud users
  • [WHM] Fixed: Account host name overwrites app connection breaking api access.
  • [WHM] Fixed: Issues with network connection may hang user session.
  • [WhoisOnline] Fixed: IPv6 client information breaks layout of whoisonline widget

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