New Integrations

  • [Klarna Checkout] Added: Klarna Checkout payment gateway

New Features

  • [API] Added: support for system languages in the method which returns knowledgebase articles by tag
  • [Admin] Added: Send overdue reminder action in Invoice's "more actions" menu
  • [Affiliates] Added: filter support for affiliate commissions
  • [DciManager] Added: Option to upload ISO file from local machine.
  • [] Added: Option change approver email from client area.
  • [] Added: Option to synchronize latest order ID from GoGetSSL (requires additional password in app settings)
  • [Orders] Added: Option in Order Draft which will lock the generated invoice after acceptance of the estimate by the client
  • [Realtime Register] Added: Functions for registering, editing and removing nameservers
  • [Tickets] Added: "Add a reply to ticket" option when adding / editing macros
  • [Tickets] Changed: When adding / editing a macro, the "Share with" field was removed
  • [WebNic] Added: Functions for registering, editing and removing nameservers
  • [vmWare vCloud Director] Added: Support for vCloud Director v9.7 (API 32.0)

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme Orderpage] Fixed: chosen domain disappears when changing other selected options
  • [Admin] Fixed: Incorrectly copied field logic during duplicating product components
  • [Admin] Fixed: The "Copy automation settings" function does not correctly copy "Custom automation tasks" in the product configuration
  • [Admin] Fixed: Wrong display of the Ticket URL variable in the email templates edition
  • [Amazon SES Mail] Fixed: sending emails after answering the ticket does not work
  • [Authy] Fixed: In some cases, 2FA did not work in clientarea
  • [DciManager] Fixed: Failed server assignment triggers failed installation email.
  • [Flavor] Fixed: Selecting flavor redirects to dashboard
  • [] Fixed: Synchronization causes invoices to regenerate for the same period.
  • [] Fixed: Unable to download certificate or resend approval email.
  • [Google Authenticator] Fixed: 2FA verification fails for timezone different than server's
  • [Google Authenticator] Fixed: Two-step verification for contacts does not work
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: In the Support tab in the client area, can see Knowledgebase categories that do not belong to the brand
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Admin area shows wrong VM status
  • [Openstack] Fixed: It is possible to submit VM creation form without selecting any flavor.
  • [Rave] Fixed: Initial transaction is not being recorded in HostBill
  • [Tickets] Fixed: When the staff member reply to a ticket from an unregistered customer, the answer is not in the default language

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