New Features

  • [Ahsay OBS] Added: Slider form for quota element
  • [Billing] Added: It is possible to disable crediting customer on downgrades in Settings->Billing->Credit Balance settings
  • [Billing] Added: Support for new MasterCard card numbers
  • [FlavorManager] Changed: List wizard theme now hides plan details under "More Details" button
  • [Maxmind] Added: Support for Device Tracking Add On for minFraud service
  • [Security] Added: You can now enable auto-ban of client IP after N-unsuccessfull login attempts In Settings->Other->Security & Display
  • [Support] Added: You can now choose if privileged customer contacts will all get ticket-related notifications, or just assigned contact

Bugs Fixed

  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Recurring commission is not calculated for affiliates with all commission plans.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Total charge is incorrect if both discount and credit is applied to order.
  • [CentralNic] Fixed: Domain synchronization sets domain to expired state.
  • [Inventory Manager v2] Fixed: Shipping name is integer rather than varchar
  • [Inventory Manager v2] Fixed: Shipping entries cannot be added
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Missing whitespace before label on invoice lines
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Can't change default firewall rule
  • [Onapp] Fixed: Missing translation in IP management section in client portal
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Adding sliders for volume types does not open form configuration
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Using dropdown for volume type size does not work
  • [R1Soft Server Backup] Fixed: unable to connect to API with self-signed certificate
  • [StaffSales] Fixed: Its no longer possible to save/assign staff to a customer in client profile
  • [Support] Fixed: Clicking on department in admin ticket list does not show statuses/counts
  • [Upgrades] Fixed: Downgrades for users with group discounts set wrong recurring prices and credit.

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