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Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Account hostname field is not available
  • [Admin] Braintree gateway configuration doesn't work
  • [Admin] No option to activate some of secondary modules.
  • [Admin] Renewal option is not showing for SSL accounts
  • [Admin] Updates to secondary modules are not logged.
  • [Automation] Expiring domains can suspend accounts without associated order
  • [Automation] Expiring domains from multi-item order will block other domains renewal
  • [Automation] Failed domain renewal may lead to multiple orders
  • [Automation] Failed domain renewal may lead to multiple renewal orders
  • [Billing] Paid OS templates updated to track which templates were paid and can be reused.
  • [Billing] Upgrading account fields may generate unpaid invoice with no charge
  • [Cart] Field logic Set Value doesn't work on slider with input
  • [Cart] SSL Orderpages - form in step 3 is reset to default values when going back
  • [Clientarea] Wrong redirect after editing service label
  • [Cloudstack] Added option for data storage type - local / shared
  • [General] Accounts addons get cancelled randomly
  • [General] Added 'language' parameter to getInvoicesPDF api call
  • [General] Added configuration option for trusted proxy servers
  • [General] Added new Date format YYY.MM.DD
  • [General] Authentication issues when using proxy server
  • [General] PDF invoices pulled by API have no language
  • [Namecheap] Name server synchronization doesn't work
  • [Namecheap] Registration doesn't use client contacts
  • [Namecheap] Registration fails with invalid phone number
  • [Other] CSV Export - Invoices are duplicated
  • [Payment] Pagseguro - added option to accept payments with different statuses
  • [Payment] WebMoney - transaction notification fails
  • [Whois] Added option to send IDN names in unicode
  • [Whois] Added tool to easly add new TLD to whois list
  • [Whois] Fixed CN availability check

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