New Features

  • [Admin] Added: It is now possible to define client/group discount that expires after certain period
  • [API] Added: getQueueStatus API call
  • [ApisCP] Added: App connection option to auto-add customer-registered domains into ApisCP account
  • [Clientarea] Added: From now it is possible to add labels for domains
  • [Gateway Per Client] Added: It is possible to create separate gateway set for Credit receipts/add funds invoices
  • [Observium] Added: hb_api.php support for Observium 23.1
  • [] Added: App connection option to disable synchronizing domain's expiration date
  • [SMS Verification] Added: Previously blocked order is now auto-accepted after positive account verification
  • [Support] Changed: Allow importing email ticket replies where the staff member is the ticket submitter who does not have access to the appropriate support department

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: Product is sometimes added twice if clients clicks on order button.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Admin search areas preference is not stored
  • [Admin] Fixed: Duplicating product may break sort order of multi-item fields
  • [Admin] Fixed: Its not possible to properly save changes in DNS product with active DNS templates
  • [Admin] Fixed: Pagination is missing from affiliate commissions page
  • [ApisCP] Fixed: Addon domains if using UTF-8 will cause account provisioning fail
  • [ApisCP] Fixed: SQL error reported in order provisioning
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: pagination of services and domains does not work properly
  • [Clients] Fixed: Select inputs with translations are not saved correctly
  • [DCIManager6] Fixed: Ports with "do not collect traffic" in dci are included in bandwidth stats if using external app.
  • [Domain Reseller] Fixed: custom domain fields are not sent during registration
  • [intY Cascade] Fixed: Error during Create action
  • [Multibrand] Fixed: Validation of client field with option to require unique values is not brand aware.
  • [NameCheap SSL] Fixed: error while canceling the account
  • [PayTM] Fixed: Payment does not redirect to custom thank you page.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: On some proxmox clusters client area hangs when accessing rebuild page
  • [] Fixed: Domain expiration date relies on wrong API response parameter, leading to missing domain renewal
  • [] Fixed: Wrong parameters are passed to registry for .es domain registrations
  • [Spam Experts] Fixed: Import fails to load on installation with large qty of domains
  • [VMware vCloud Director] Fixed: Form upgrade fails in case of unlimited resources usage for CPU/Mem
  • [VMware vCloud Director] Fixed: Metrics for CPUs are collected wrong in case vCPU feature is enabled

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