New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Multiply pricing button for form resources billing
  • [Admin] Added: Option to merge other client accounts into single client profile
  • [Affiliates] Added: Ability to accept multiple commissions at once
  • [API] Changed: cancelQueueTask can cancel task by token or id
  • [ApisCP] Added: Module can auto-add domains customer ordered hosting with as addon domains
  • [CometBackup] Added: "Billable destination types" product configuration option to limit storage types module should pick for metered billing
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Ability to set datacenter instead of location
  • [Multibrand] Added: It is now possible to assign individual products to brand
  • [Related Client Service] Added: Module can auto-set ticket client if its unrelated to registered client but staff picks client service

Bugs Fixed

  • [Forms] Fixed: Changing item price does not get applied to other components in the form group.
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Wrong API endpoint is used for test mode
  • [Openstack] Fixed: User snapshot are not available for rebuild
  • [SMS Verification] Fixed: Verifying with the correct code does reload the client area page.

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