New Features

  • [IPAM] Changed: Only IPv4 will have totals/assigned stats updated automatically by cron
  • [ISPConfig] Added: Logging of requests for debuggin purposes
  • [Spam Experts] Added: Support for import services feature

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Autoupgrade module shows min supported php version wrong
  • [Admin] Fixed: PHP 8.1 error on some form orders
  • [Admin] Fixed: Product name with translation tag shows tag rather then name in product details page
  • [Autoupdate] Fixed: Min php version shows 7.2 and blocks update
  • [Cart] Fixed: PHP Error when applying coupon for product with "own" domain
  • [ISPManager] Fixed: PHP 81 error in product configuration page
  • [Orders] Fixed: Rounding totals may not work properly for some orders
  • [Services] Fixed: Custom automation task incorrectly sets Metric when editing
  • [vCloud] Fixed: Provisioning fails on older vcloud version

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