New Features

  • [Cacti] Added: Support for cacti 1.1.6 for bandwidth billing
  • [Invoices] Added: New invoice status "Collections"
  • [Metered Billing] Changed: Invoice items will be sorted by description
  • [Metered Billing] Changed: Items with no charge won't be added to invoice
  • [OnApp] Added: Support for OnApp 5.4
  • [Proxmox 2] Added: Background queue support for VM clone operations
  • [Stripe] Added: statement_descriptor configuration option for all stripe modules
  • [Tickets] Added: "Zen-mode" for ticket reply field in adminarea
  • [Xenserver2] Added: Suspend/Unsuspend now suspends/resumes VM rather than powering it off/on

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: "Change package" button in admin UI changes package in module, but leaves old data in account details
  • [Admin] Fixed: Can't save "Move due date for recurring invoices" automation option.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Clicking in "change package" button in accounts section throws exception
  • [Cart] Fixed: Date picker field settings does not work well with DD.MM.YYYY date formatting
  • [Clients] Fixed: Contacts that are not active still receive email notifications to main profile.
  • [Graphs] Fixed: Traffic (billable) graphs lists under "all graphs" with error.
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: Text "more details" is hard coded in cart0.tpl
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: The text in the Next button is hard coded
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: No preview when you select order page themes
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: The More Detail link is a nul link (href="#")
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: The preview link generates error 404
  • [List Wizard Orderpage] Fixed: The texts "Setup your server within minutes" and "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit." are hardcoded
  • [LogRotator] Fixed: Log rotation does nto work on Mysql replication with GTIDs
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Button to add IPs is visible even when ip limit is reached
  • [Proxmox 2] Fixed: Termination fails to remove powered on VMs
  • [Proxmox 2] Fixed: VMs are not powered on after provisioning
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Login to additional mailboxes always fails when importing POP tickets
  • [Tickets] Fixed: "Send to contact" feature when creating new ticket lists max 10 client contacts
  • [UserApi] Fixed: Module does not show up for auto-update.
  • [Wirecard Checkout Seamless] Fixed: Same invoice is picked twice for capture in recurring mode

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