New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Featured Graphs admin dashboard widget - shows graphs assigned to accounts that are marked as "featured"
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to setup custom unpaid invoice reminder emails in product settings
  • [Geolocation] Added: IF customer does not provide his country (ie from cloud signup page) geolocation plugin will try to figure it out
  • [LibreNMS] Added: Support for LibreNMS - bandwidth billing and graphing
  • [Migration Manager] Added: Ability to write ticket reply directly in migration case step, changing step status to Finished will send reply
  • [Migration Manager] Added: When previous step finishes, staff member related to next step is notified about pending work via email
  • [Migration Manager] Added: You can now define predefined ticket reply when working on scenario steps
  • [Migration Manager] Added: You can now select which staff is responsible for which step in case
  • [Mollie Modern] Added: Option to override credit card automation settings for recurring payments.
  • [Priority Support] Added: Metered billing support with Pre and Post-paid support packages.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Clicking in "change package" button in accounts section throws exception
  • [Admin] Fixed: Error about missing module after removing module files from server.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Forms settings in order draft are not saved.
  • [Automation] Fixed: Domains registered/imported with order date lower than 2 before renewal date does not get renewed
  • [CentralNic] Fixed: Missing response object exception.
  • [General] Fixed: Accept order does not work trough background queue
  • [General] Fixed: Order submitted by affiliates add entries with 0 commission.
  • [Metered Billing] Fixed: Overusage fee is added as credit for futher consumption upon invoice payment
  • [Mollie Modern] Fixed: Automated charges will retry if previous charge is still pending.
  • [Orders] Fixed: Addon orders cannot be accepted
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Can't set "On bandwidth overuse" option to "Suspend account"
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: missing service cancellation link in client area
  • [Script Provisioning] Fixed: Custom script execution time is limited to 60 seconds
  • [SolusVM] Fixed: VM upgrade/downgrade does not change IP allocation
  • [SolusVM] Fixed: missing service cancellation link in client area

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