New Integrations

  • [OXXA SSL] Added: OXXA SSL Certificates module integration
  • [Barion] Added: Integration with Barion payment gateway
  • [Moneris Gateway] Added: Moneris Vault payment gateway integration

New Features

  • [2019 Theme] Added: Ability to display service client functions in the service "apps" menu in the 2019 template
  • [Admin] Added: 'Billable Products & their configuration items' report
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to enable recurring amounts recalculation on each currency rate change
  • [Amazon Lightsail] Added: Support for Windows OS templates
  • [Colocation Manager] Added: Excel export for connections summary page
  • [Gsuite] Added: Button in App Connection settings to prepare account import cache in case of timeouts during listing accounts for import
  • [Hexonet] Added: Possibility to change details of registrant contact
  • [] Fixed: The domain is not deleted when the domain sync has changed status to Expired
  • [Proxmox2] Added: Option to create default bridge mapping for private lists.
  • [Proxmox2] Added: Option to use external bandwidth monitoring app for bandwidth usage data and graphs.
  • [Tickets] Changed: The client does not need to log in to view the ticket when using the link and when the "Allow anyone to open support ticket" option in department is selected

Bugs Fixed

  • [Acronis BAAS] Fixed: Upgrade cannot be performed when the service has more than one storage set
  • [Admin] Fixed: Adding new widget on admin dashboard takes long time to load
  • [Admin] Fixed: Customer data is not saved correctly in the admin area.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Search for client with no name/company but id does not return link to his profile
  • [Admin] Fixed: Setup fee in order draft section is not recalculated to client currency in product selector
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: It is not possible to use coupons created by affiliates to buy domains
  • [Billing] Fixed: Invoice tax is set to 0 after edit if it includes non-taxed items
  • [Billing] Fixed: Unable to issue invoices manually.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Removing domain from cart leaves empty line in some cases.
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: Some client functions are not displayed correctly in the 2019 template
  • [Invoices] Fixed: Credit amount is not visible on the invoice page
  • [IPAM] Fixed: PTR records are added to wrong zone
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: The invoice is always paid for the customer's credit even when the "Apply credits to pay invoices" option is disabled
  • [OnApp] Fixed: IP is not provided to secondary modules like WHM
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Attach iso widget layout is broken on some templates.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Bandwidth usage displays GB/TB but is calculated in GiB/TiB.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Interfaces do not show show Vlan tags.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Provisioning assigns private IP instead of public IP.
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Unable to assign IPs from client IPAM list if public IP limit is reached.
  • [Realtime Register] Fixed: Unable to update DNS records
  • [Synergy Wholesale] Fixed: Domain status synchronization after transfer stalled due to wrong status returned
  • [Traficom/Ficora] Fixed: Error during synchronization when the domain is in Pending Registration status and has not yet been registered
  • [WHM] Fixed: Access widget does not work when WHM is used as a secondary module.
  • [WHM] Fixed: Issues with api connection.

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