New Integrations

  • [Duitku] Added: Duitku Payment gateway modules
  • [TriPay] Added: TriPay payment gateways

New Features

  • [Acronis] Added: Support for new editions
  • [Gateway Fees] Added: Support for partial payments using different gateways
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Option to send low-qty notifications on low stock per given Item Category
  • [Support Fields] Added: Ability to attach form to any ticket and send link to customer to fill it
  • [Virtualizor] Added: Support for Internal IPs

Bugs Fixed

  • [Amazon Lightsail] Fixed: Blueprints versions are not visible
  • [API] Fixed: setOrderDate does not work
  • [Cart] Fixed: show only active or pending own domains when ordering the service
  • [CloudSignup] Fixed: Infinite redirect when Google Authenticator is enabled
  • [Hooks] Fixed: after_acceptorder fires twice per order
  • [Imunify360 / Cloudlinux] Fixed: the license host does not display correctly with IP-based product
  • [InternetBS] Fixed: Cannot transfer domain when contact's phone number is in wrong format
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Emails are not sent correctly when Mailer type is "SMTP" and brand Mailer type is "Same as Default brand"
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Premium domain transfer fails
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Unable to assign private IPs
  • [Rackspace Email] Fixed: Unauthorized IP error does not show on test connection
  • [Webnic] Fixed: Domain registration fails with wrong username if domain name is shorter than 6 chars
  • [] Fixed: Oauth 2.0 configured shows "Not connected" status in module details page
  • [ZACR] Fixed: Wrong message after updating contact data

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