New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Links to related app connection configuration in account/domain details
  • [Affiliates] Changed: Its now possible to set more than 100% on commission plan, if overprovision option is enabled
  • [API] Added: addTicketReply now accepts replier type and id + ability to encrypt reply contents
  • [API] Added: deleteDomainCancellation API call
  • [API] Added: getAffiliates, getAffiliate, getAffiliateCampaigns, getAffiliateVouchers, getAffiliateCommisionPlans, getAffiliateCommissions API calls
  • [API] Added: getCancellations, addAccountCancellation and deleteAccountCancellation API calls
  • [Colocation Manager] Added: Binding connections from colocation manager item to account, in case of traffic graph found will also auto-add it to bandwidth tab
  • [Colocation Manager] Added: Information about connected account id in switch/pdu ports list
  • [Colocation Manager] Added: Intermediate step for port import, allowing to re-arrange ports to import, selects ports and re-name them
  • [IPAM] Changed: IF account appeared as "added outside of IPAM" but it is public and is in IPAM database unassigned, it will be auto-assigned to account
  • [IPAM] Changed: Removing IP assignment in IPAM details, will also remove this IP from manually assigned ones
  • [OpenProvider] Added: An option that automatically creates a slave DNS after domain registration
  • [OpenSRS Email] Added: Ability to specify API cluster in app connection settings
  • [Slack Notifications] Added: The "Client VIP" filter has been added to Ticket filters
  • [Spam Experts Customer] Added: "Skip" option for archiving to not use it in API call if its not enabled on related account
  • [] Added: 3DS authorization for the saved card in the Intents 3D Secure module when the payment requires a mandate
  • [] Added: An option for Intents 3D Secure that disables the ability to save a card in cart
  • [Tickets] Changed: Changing ticket author from unassigned to client will also change author name and email to client

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Dashboard table with long text overflows widget width
  • [Admin] Fixed: Domain details is not vertically alligned to top, requiring to scroll in case of multiple domains ordered in single order
  • [Admin] Fixed: When attempting to upgrade service forms are filled with "1" for it in order draft section
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Duplicating product or adding it to orderpage within commission plan may remove applicable products list
  • [Billing] Fixed: error has been fixed "Table hb_currencies was not locked with LOCK TABLES"
  • [Cart] Fixed: Required checkboxes are ignored in cart when form is related to domain
  • [DNS Services] Fixed: DNS automation does not set the subdomain correctly
  • [Emails] Fixed: Emails are not sent correctly with additional mail sender if "Transactional email" is used in main settings
  • [Emails] Fixed: Emails are sent even to clients with a Closed status
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Ticket URL always has the default brand value if the Multibrand Groups module is not enabled
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Wong brand module configuration is used when processing background tasks
  • [OpenProvider SSL] Fixed: PHP 8.1 error on cert synchronization from client portal
  • [Orders] Fixed: Invoice issued for pro-rated service by admin with order date set to different than now does not have start date set correctly
  • [] Fixed: Stripe Intents 3D Secure doesn't create mandate when payment is done in cart
  • [Support] Fixed: Tickets listings slows down despite multibrand module not being enabled
  • [Tickets] Fixed: When opening a ticket, customers cannot be searched by criteria
  • [vmWare vCloud Director] Fixed: Possible error in product configuration

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