New Features

  • [Acronis] Added: Its now possible to define parent folder in product config that client group/folder will be created in
  • [Admin] Added: Option to create similar invoice/estimate (more actions drop-down)
  • [Admin] Changed: Email Clients:Credit Added is now sent to admin with "new transaction" privilege
  • [BuycPanel] Added: Updated product names, added missing addons
  • [Estimate] Added: Option to edit estimate subject.
  • [Gateways:Adyen] Added: New Payment gateway for handling payments through
  • [Gateways:Bambora] Added: Support for handling credit card payments using new, rewritten Bambora module
  • [Gateways:Bambora] Added: Support for handling tokenized card payments using new Bambora Token module
  • [Gateways:Buckaroo] Added: Support for recurring SEPA Direct Debit payments through Buckaroo gateway
  • [Gateways:PayPal Express Checkout] Added: Support for handling PayPal Express Checkout payments using new module
  • [Gateways:Square] Added: New Payment gateway for handling credit card payments using Square -
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling ACH payments using
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling Bancontact payments using
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling EPS payments using
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling MultiBanco payments using
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling Sofort payments using
  • [Gateways:Stripe] Added: Handling iDEAL payments using
  • [Gateways] Changed: Beanstream gateway has been removed from release
  • [Reports] Added: Daily performance report & two new admin widgets: Past & current month's performance
  • [SEPA DirectDebit] Added: PDF export in batch details with editable PDF document template
  • [Status Updates] Added: "Right now" buttons for fast date entry
  • [Status Updates] Added: Ability to enable/disable RSS feed
  • [Status Updates] Added: Editable status type with colour-codes
  • [Status Updates] Added: Multi-language support - now you can create statuses with translations to languages you support
  • [Status Updates] Added: Notification about in-progress events accross client portal as dismissable bar
  • [Status Updates] Added: Re-usable status templates for fast status entries
  • [Status Updates] Added: Statuses appear on clientarea calendar with colour related its type
  • [Whois Online] Changed: New look and feel of "Clients online now" admin dashboard widget

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Updating accounts sets invalid pricing if currency format is using comma for decimal value
  • [Cart Api] Fixed: Missing data about used coupon
  • [Cart] Fixed: Adding new TLD does not list it in available for register in product
  • [Cart] Fixed: FieldLogic does not hide forms controlled by dropdown/radio items
  • [Facebook SSO] Fixed: Login does not work with strict mode enabled.
  • [General] Fixed: Client removal does not check if client is an affiliate with referred orders.
  • [General] Fixed: Empty client accounts are removed instantly if inactive client removal is enabled.
  • [GoogleCurrency] Fixed: Currency lookup stopped working after api url change.
  • [PayPal] Fixed: Network errors during verification prevent IPN from being resent.
  • [Related Client Service] Fixed: Service name is not translated when showing up in ticket.
  • [Reports] Fixed: Reports containing other currency that should not be recalculated shows wrong values
  • [SSL Certificate] Fixed: Unable to update account DCV method.
  • [Settings] Fixed: Saved password complexity settings does not display
  • [Support] Fixed: Ticket views show tickets from departments that admins do not have access to.
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: Termination / suspension actions receive a timeout error.

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