New Integrations

  • [Currency API] Added: New currency exchange module

New Features

  • [Admin] Added: It is now possible to flag orderpage/category as "Registered only" - making it accessible only to logged in clients
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to set addons contract when changing related account contract
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to use hash as direct product links to protect hidden products from iterating by id
  • [Admin] Added: Option to disable admin password reset link/feature
  • [API] Added: editTicketDetails call to edit ticket by its number
  • [Billing] Changed: Client now cannot create bulk-payment invoice out of invoices consiting of subscribed services
  • [Domains] Added: Epp Code is updated in the database if the API returns a new value
  • [ResellerClub] Added: Support for IPS tag client function
  • [] Added: Ability to pick card brand for Co-badged cards when adding it from client UI

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Potential php error during order creation with forms using initial form values
  • [Cart] Fixed: Products prices shows wrong minimal product prices if product recurring price comes from components
  • [General] Fixed: Incorrect DATETIME value error when trying to view metered history
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Sometimes the payment to Jelastic is added twice
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: The list of payment methods is sometimes not displayed correctly
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Selected SDN Zone cannot be saved in product.
  • [VMManager] Fixed: VM may not restart correctly after package change
  • [Vodia] Fixed: Metered variables created before metrics update do not generate any usage.

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