New Features

  • [Admin] Added: It is now possible to open a page that has a pagination on a specific page number by adding the "&page={page_number}" to the url
  • [DigitalOcean] Added: Possibility to attach support staff SSH keys when creating VM
  • [DigitalOcean] Added: Possibility to select Private OS Images in product configuration.
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Ability to search items by Location field
  • [NOC-PS] Changed: Provisioning will now use server with mac from account details if available.
  • [Support PIN] Added: Option to regenerate and send support pin from client profile page.
  • [UpCloud] Added: Option to inject staff SSH key to customer machines during creation
  • [UpCloud] Added: Option to select machine name source in product config
  • [UpCloud] Added: Option to specify custom storage type/size in product
  • [Virtualizor] Added: Ability to select a recipe that be used when creating a virtual machine

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: The table in cart is not displaying correctly on mobile devices.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Domains in order draft displays wrong prices for client with additional currencies
  • [Admin] Fixed: Per-item personal discount is not being applied when staff is making draft order
  • [Colocation Manager] Fixed: NocPS VPS module throws errors
  • [cPanel] Fixed: Module does not show cpanel login url in case of session creation issue (if customer changed his cpanel password)
  • [DirectAdmin] Fixed: In some cases, after creating an account, the application in Installatron is not installed
  • [General] Fixed: Untranslatable errors related to affiliate
  • [HostBill SEO] Fixed: Unable to save data if module was activated after 2021-02-08
  • [NOC-PS] Fixed: Synchronization changes server pool.
  • [Priority Support] Fixed: The data in the "Support report" widget disappears after generating an invoice
  • [] Fixed: Stripe ACSS: Recurring payments does not work properly in some cases
  • [Support] Fixed: Non latin characters are removed from attachment file name.
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Client actions on ticket logs wrong id in action description
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Original message recipient is not added to CC, if department email was in CC.

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