New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Ability to assign ANY graph from Observium and Cacti to a service to render in colocation account details
  • [Cloud Signup 2] Added: Country is now pulled from profile upon SSO via Twitter
  • [Domains] Added: CentralNic registrar module
  • [Virtualmin] Added: Change Package support

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Minor security issue in admin area
  • [Admin] Fixed: Unpaid invoice widget - sorting by date does not work correctly - missing sql
  • [Cardinity] Fixed: Refunds does not work
  • [Clientaera] Fixed: Customer contact is unable to see domain he is assigned to, if main profile have dozens of domains in his profile
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: Its possible to add funds when no payment gateway is available, resulting in endless clientarea redirect
  • [Clients] Fixed: Country-limited registration fields still shows up in customer details page when he signed trough cloud-signup form
  • [Cloud Signup 2] Fixed: When signing up from SSO module (Twitter/Facebook/Github) and with additional fields required, registration fails (ie due to missing phone)
  • [General] Fixed: No response on some ajax requests
  • [General] Fixed: Service due date is permanently lowered to 28th after Feb
  • [GeoLocation plugin] Fixed: Deselecting all available gateways for certain country results in all gateways being available
  • [Observium] Fixed: 95th percentile bandwidth values are incorrect for some servers
  • [OnApp] Fixed: VM listing shows outdated disk size
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Wrong value for IP usage in resource tab
  • [OpenSRS SSL] Fixed: Typo in positive ssl certificate name
  • [Queue] Fixed: After upgrade/new configuration detected queue restarts with few zombie workers left behind

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