New Features

  • [API] Added: addOrderDraftItem flag checkifadded to check if domain was added to draft before
  • [Billing] Added: Option to block manual renewal if service is outside of renewal period window
  • [DCIManager6] Changed: IPMI/BMC Console access will now redirect directly to the console for devices that support it.
  • [NASK] Added: Possibility to select App Connection on the NASK page
  • [Plesk] Added: Option to synchronize all apps within plesk service plan sync module
  • [Proxmox] Changed: SCSI Controller can now be set regardless of used storage device.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Domain smart search by name is not case-insensitive
  • [Cart] Fixed: Its not possible to re-use one domain in cart for multiple products "already have" option
  • [Cart] Fixed: Sometimes field logic for domain products generate error in cart
  • [Customer Rewards] Fixed: "Available rewards" tab does not work in client portal
  • [Emails] Fixed: Brand is not set correctly for template "Invoice:Overdue" if paid id is a number
  • [IPAM] Fixed: Client selection does not work when assigning IPs
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: SSO does not work properly
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: Sometimes name servers cannot be edited
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Adding additional public IPs adds IPv6 instead of IPv4 addresses.
  • [Plesk] Fixed: DNS sync incorrectly sets the serial in the SOA record
  • [PowerDNS] Fixed: The Disallow SOA edit option does not block SOA record editing if the editing is performed by another module
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: IP Subnet selection is ignored in some cases on Cloud Hosting accounts.
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: VPS Provisioning fails if IPv6 are not configured and left with no limit.
  • [UserAPI] Fixed: Errors show in log when module is inactive but api is accessed

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