New Integrations

  • [] Added: domain registrar module

New Features

  • [Staff Active Directory / LDAP] Added: Ability to search for users by DN match rather than attribute matching
  • [Staff Active Directory / LDAP] Added: Simple utility to test-search users for easier configuration
  • [Admin] Added: An option that allows to set the key size for the generated CSR
  • [DCIManager6] Added: Option to enable IPAM synchronization in app settings.
  • [EmailVerification] Added: Option to disable verification form in cart.
  • [EmailVerification] Added: Option to enable default order redirection.
  • [Omise] Added: Omise Gateway: support for webhooks
  • [Products] Added: Option to limit client's use of domains with product to those ordered in related HostBill installation
  • [Products] Added: Option to auto-cancel unpaid order related to product
  • [Proxmox] Added: User VM templates management
  • [SolusIO] Added: ability to send Ctrl+Alt+Del in the console.
  • [] Added: Form to insert card number directly in cart without need to visit invoice post-order
  • [Vies Vat EU] Added: Module can now add separate note to invoice if customer is outside EU with tax exempt enabled

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: OneStep orderpage shows order summary with all products hidden/nothing in cart
  • [Active Campaign Marketing] Fixed: The email address is not updated when editing the contact
  • [Active Campaign Marketing] Fixed: The language field cannot be set in the merge fields
  • [Admin] Fixed: Client profile changes are not always logged when change is made by staff
  • [Admin] Fixed: Unable to add administrator due to sql error
  • [Billing] Fixed: Incorrect top time range was used for bandwidth calculation - changed from invoice generation time to midnight
  • [Clients] Fixed: Requesting new password works for archived/closed client accounts
  • [Control Web Panel] Fixed: Connection fails if CWP is installed with invalid certificate
  • [Core] Fixed: Creating order with no invoice does not trigger after_acceptorder event after provisioning
  • [DNS Import] Fixed: Module attempts to re-use "2" as zone id for single-zone import
  • [DNS Zone editor] Fixed: TTL is set incorrectly when editing a record
  • [EmailVerification] Fixed: Client verification is not logged.
  • [] Fixed: Multi-domain ordering issue
  • [Imunify360 / Cloudlinux] Fixed: Problem terminating account with IP-based product
  • [Inventory Manager] Fixed: Items are incorrectly selected when clicked
  • [IPAM] Fixed: IP manage UI does not show up in client area.
  • [IPAM] Fixed: Server main IP is not visible when listing IPs added outside of IPAM
  • [Plesk] Fixed: Cannot create DNS record when name field is @
  • [Private Products] Fixed: Module does not work correctly with one-step orderpages
  • [Proxmox] Fixed: Bandwidth usage calculation fails to correctly detect server reboot
  • [SolusIO] Fixed: console doesn't work in some cases.
  • [VMware vSphere] Fixed: Listing in client portal fails if service is not connected to app in admin portal

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