Bugs Fixed

  • [Orders] Placing new order for domains in admin panel throws SQL error
  • [Estimates] Discount is not used on invoice
  • [Estimates] Client area doesn't use selected estimate template
  • [Cart] Multi checkbox form doesn't work on some order page templates
  • [Hosting] Openprovider License - widget doesn't display license details
  • [Openstack] Unable to upgrade cloud resources
  • [Openprovider Licenses] Provided key is in wrong format
  • [Zimbra] Quota usage bar displays as full if usage is 0;
  • [LogicBoxes] Changed app settings to use api-key instead of account password.
  • [Domains] Domain contacts display custom translation variable name instead of field name.
  • [Invoice] Tax rate is rounded when displayed in clientarea invoice
  • [Module] HiPay payment gateway - transactions are doubled in callback
  • [Order] PHP Error when trying to generate orders with domains
  • [Cart] Dedicated servers order page sets wrong width on new client area templates
  • [Cloudstack] Custom form - cloud name - overwrites server hostname.
  • [Openstack] Termination doesn't work if floating ips were assigned
  • [Openstack v2]: Added: Setup DNS for private network in product configuration
  • [Openstack v2]: Added: Updated Security Groups Listing (ingress/egress view)
  • [Openstack v2]: Added: Ability to select security group when creating new VM
  • [Openstack v2]: Added: Select between password or ssh key when creating VM
  • [Openstack v2]: Added: Automatically destroy all vms in client tenant on account terminate
  • [Openstack v2]: Fixed: Its not possible to edit/remove rules from default security group
  • [Openstack v2]: Fixed: Error when terminating account in single VPS mode
  • [Cloudstack] Upgrading VM removes shared service offerings.
  • [Dedicated Server Manager] Increased available ports in connections tab to 64

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