New Features

  • [Accounts] Added: Its now possible to set account fixed fee for metered-billed account
  • [Admin] Added: "New transaction" admin email privilege in admin details to receive emails about new transactions. Previously "new order" event allowed admin for getting those emails
  • [Admin] Added: Anonymization - removing non-billing data with one click #GDPR
  • [Admin] Added: Data retention - automatically removing empty and inactive client accounts #GDPR
  • [Admin] Added: GDPR Admin settings to control HostBill GDPR compliance #GDPR
  • [Admin] Added: GDPR Details request - downloadable PDF document summarizing personal detail stored #GDPR
  • [Clientarea] Added: Ability to delete client account from client profile #GDPR
  • [Clientarea] Added: Downloadable JSON file with account summary #GDPR
  • [Clientarea] Added: Overview Section to review personal data collected for GDPR comppliance #GDPR
  • [Mailchimp] Added: Configuration option to control if customer contacts should be exported too
  • [MultiBrand] Added: Separate Credit Note numeration, format and template per brand settings
  • [Observium] Added: Support for version 18.3 (new hb_api.php file)
  • [Password Manager] Added: "Apply ACL from new category to this password" checkbox when changing password category
  • [Password Manager] Changed: Adding staff to password within category he cannot see will make this password available to him in default page
  • [Y-Server Theme] Added: Updated client area pages to be more responsive on smaller screens

Bugs Fixed

  • [Accounts] Fixed: Accounts with enabled metered billing looses its fixed fee after account details save
  • [Client area] Fixed: Service list pagination is not showing up.
  • [General] Fixed: Checkbox fields in client details can't be disabled
  • [Interworx] Fixed: Interworx res module shows as available to update, when it is not
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: .IT domains does not pass entered passport number in custom tld field during registration
  • [PDU Snmp] Fixed: Power collector cannot store port other than numeric
  • [Password Manager] Fixed: Adding password redirect to main category view rather than to last category
  • [SSL Certificates] Fixed: Missing multi-language support in certificate configuration widget
  • [SSL Certificates] Fixed: Unable to order wildcard certificates
  • [SSL Certificates] Fixed: Unable to save changes for unpaid certificates.
  • [Support] Fixed: Emails imported trough POP use html message instead of plain text.
  • [The SSL Store] Fixed: Test connection shows errors about invalid credentials
  • [Tickets] Fixed: Admin signature is not used when opening ticket for non-registered client

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