New Features

  • [Admin] Added: Products with enabled pro-rata will show on which day invoices will be generated
  • [Cart] Added: Its now possible to make "Private" orderpage - accessible for customers only trough direct link
  • [Clients] Added: Its now possible to set countries that signup fields are available for
  • [Clients] Added: Sending multiple messages trough Clients->Send message feature now also supports queue
  • [CloudSignup] Added: Cloud signup order now select default payment gateway upon signing up to a product
  • [CloudSignup] Added: Its possible to use same password for service as customer entered for his profile
  • [CloudSignup] Added: You can now create multiple landing page that differs in design, product added, and set of fields required from customer
  • [CloudSignup] Added: You can now pass coupon code along with submitted fields to apply coupon with auto-generated order
  • [CloudSignup] Added: You can now pass forms values to auto-added product using 'customforms' form/post array
  • [Emails] Added: HostBill will notify new and old account/domain holder about ownership change over email
  • [Emails] Added: You can now enable email notification for customer about recent login to his account
  • [LiveChat] Added: Staff members now can be notified via mobile notification (sms/push) "Mobile:Chat:Pending" about new pending live chat
  • [LiveChat] Added: its now possible to disable automatic staff round-robin for unanswered chats
  • [Settings] Added: Its now possible to set maximum customer inactivity time
  • [Support] Added: Option to bill time tracking items when ticket is closed
  • [Support] Added: Option to override support rates using client groups
  • [Support] Added: Ticket billing page to list all time tracking entries
  • [Vmware5] Added: Option to assign VMs to account from list
  • [cPanel 2] Added: API tokens are now supported

Bugs Fixed

  • [Cart] Fixed: Checkbox forms cant be un-checked on some onstep pages
  • [Cart] Fixed: It is possible to order domain registration for unavailable names.
  • [Emails] Fixed: $service.forms variable is not available in admin automation notifications for account
  • [General] Fixed: Invoice decimal precision is not taken from invoice currency
  • [General] Fixed: Recurring invoices paid by credit do not generate commissions
  • [General] Fixed: Unsupported operand types when background currency conversion is used with currency cache
  • [InternetBS] Fixed: Can't enable or disable privacy protection
  • [InternetBS] Fixed: Privacy protection status is not synchronized
  • [LiveChat] Fixed: UI issues under new admin themes
  • [Multibrand Groups] Fixed: PHP error when creating new ticket for unregistered client.
  • [OVH Dedicated] Fixed: Module always requires entering ssh key from customer
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Firewall rules cannot be applied in multilang environment
  • [Openstack] Fixed: OS name is not updated after VM reinstall.
  • [Queue] Fixed: Queue only checks for previous queues in process list rather than checking pidfile presence first
  • [Vmware5] Fixed: PHP Error when trying to perform operations on account with invalid uuid

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