New Features

  • [InternetX SSL] Added: Integration with InternetX SSL
  • [Admin] Changed: Invoice lines for addons and upgrades will now link to related accounts and orders.
  • [Billing] Changed: Prorate discount in post-paid billing will now show dates from the start of billing cycle to order date.
  • [PDU SNMP] Added: Descriptions of drivers for PDU control / power billing
  • [PDU SNMP] Added: Support for Servertech CDU (simple PDU without outlet power measurements, but with infeed measurements)
  • [PDU SNMP] Added: Support for powerbilling from infeed/inlet
  • [Reports] Changed: to make number more consistent accross HostBill, daily/monthly reports (dashboard widgets) will NOT contain gateway fees.
  • [Stats] Added: Information about income statistics being gross income, not including gateway fees into account
  • [Stats] Changed: Monthly ticket tags statistics lets you select month to show stats for
  • [Stats] Changed: Yearly ticket tags statistics show only tags within a year
  • [Stripe Checkout] Added: Customer name to charge/customer object for Radar 2.0 compliance

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Client filters pre-select main currency.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Tooltip icons are missing from pages with calendar events.
  • [Cacti] Fixed: Certain cacti versions does not return timestamp information in rrdexports required for 95th calculations
  • [IPAM] Fixed: OnApp IP imports does not pull related/assigned account information
  • [PayPal PayFlow Pro] Fixed: Duplicate transactions are accepted as new payment.
  • [PayPal PayFlow Pro] Fixed: New transactions are flagged as duplicate.
  • [Reports] Fixed: Daily, monthly, daily cumulative and monthly cumulative income does not include refunds
  • [Support] Fixed: If access to Support is provided by Team ACLs, such staff member won't show in lists 'Assigned to' and 'Subscriptions'
  • [Support] Fixed: mbregex compile invalid code point value error resulting in ticket subject and body being imported empty.

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