New Integrations

  • [Hetzner Robot] Added: Hetzner Robot provisioning module

New Features

  • [Admin AD/LDAP] Added: It's possible now to set the login method per admin.
  • [Admin] Added: Its now possible to bulk-renew/invoice multiple client accounts from "Services" quick list
  • [Affiliates] Added: Ability to change commission type over time
  • [Billing] Added: Option to issue service invoices sooner, if customer have invoice for other services issued in renewal month/year.
  • [cPanel] Added: DNS Tool Option that does not synchronize zones
  • [cPanel Manage2] Added: Support to work as sub-module with VPS product (to provision license with VPS IP)
  • [credit_info_widget] Changed: Increased max number of rows in report to 100
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Additional features in clientarea
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: ISO image attach/detach
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: rDNS update
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Rebuild OS capabilities
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Rescue mode in client portal
  • [Hetzner Cloud] Added: Usage graphs feature in client portal
  • [Hetzner Robot] Added: Hetzner Robot provisioning module
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Option to Bulk delete of items
  • [Inventory Manager] Added: Separate smart search bar in module
  • [OpenSRS] Added: A new client function that allows to set a IPS tag for a domain
  • [PowerDNS] Added: Options in product configuration that hide billing info and ability to add new zone
  • [UserApi] Added: Additional methods to manage support tickets (Create, reply, re-open, close)
  • [Webhooks] Added: HB-Event header to show on which event module sent webhook

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Email notifications can still be sent to inactive staff members
  • [Admin] Fixed: Failing to charge card from admin interface does not log failed use in DB
  • [Admin] Fixed: Mobile notifications can still be sent to inactive staff members
  • [Admin] Fixed: Optimised db table responsible for storing admin access logs
  • [Billing] Fixed: Cannot add negative tax to Credit Note draft
  • [Billing] Fixed: Manual invoice generation with prorata is off by 1 day
  • [Billing] Fixed: Service period for initial prorata orders are incorrect
  • [Clientarea] Fixed: "Login details" client function does not load if there is no username but custom forms used
  • [Inventory Manager Provisioning] Fixed: Terminate the account does not change the status of used devices
  • [Inventory Manager] Fixed: Displaying fields in forms
  • [Logs] Fixed: Cyrillic characters not displayed correctly in the logs
  • [MultiBrand] Fixed: Groups Filter does not display invoices correctly when "Disable Invoice Merge" is checked
  • [Reports] Fixed: "Total sales tax liability in selected period" reports does not work with multi-currency
  • [Tickets] Fixed: New ticket email to staff is missing ticket urls if notification for client is disabled
  • [Traficom/Ficora] Fixed: In some cases the contact cannot be created if type is private person
  • [vmWare vCloud Director] Fixed: Upgrades remove Universal Network Pool from client VDC
  • [Virtualizor] Fixed: IP of newly provisioned machine is not passed to license provisioning modules in submodule setup

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