New Features

  • [Cloudstack2] Added option to allow custom root disk size
  • [Cloudstack2] Added option to include root disk in storage limit
  • [Feature] Added: Free Desktop Notifications plugin - receive notifications from HostBill tickets/transactions/order on your desktop! Learn more
  • [Feature] Added: New Payment Gateway: Wirecard Checkout Seamless integration
  • [Feature] Added: Public tickets - staff can open & update ticket to be sent & visible to selected group of customers Learn more
  • [OnApp v4] Added: Flag to set in product configuration if HV/Network/Disk zones comes from OnApp Federation
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: Creating new accounts fails to deploy secondary storage
  • [OnApp v4] Fixed: IP usage is showing wrong values
  • [Openstack] Added option to select default security group template in product
  • [Settings->Mail] Added: Set/limit maximum emails sent at once by HostBill cron
  • [Settings->Support] Added: Set minimum number of seconds between two messages from single email address that will be accepted
  • [Status Updates] Added: Its now possible to set notification type to Public Ticket in module configuration
  • [Tickets] Added: If CC list is updated with reply to ticket using email, ticket's CC list is also updated
  • [Vies Vat EU] Added: Option to remove vat field value if customer did not provided companyname

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Adding new clients will send notification email, even when this option is not selected
  • [Admin] Fixed: Staff members that do not have access to specific modules can still see them in admin area pages.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Credit card is not charged when entered in cart.
  • [Cloud Signup] Fixed: Empty password can be submitted with other fields being valid
  • [Cloudstack2] Fixed: Account creation sets storage limits preventing vm deployment
  • [Exact Online] Fixed: Error Undefined class constant "EO_STATUS_CANCELED"
  • [Fraud Protection] Fixed: Call to undefined method HostBill_FraudProtection::getOutput()
  • [Invoice] Fixed: Credit note date is not displayed in admin UI, though its editable
  • [Invoice] Fixed: New Pay-all invoices have 0 total amount
  • [Openstack] Fixed: VM disk size and memory info are not synchronized
  • [Openstack] Removed not working vm status from service list
  • [Reports] Fixed: CSV report is broken if company name contains quotes/special characters
  • [UserAPI] Fixed: API routes do not load from other modules
  • [Vies Vat EU] Fixed: It may happen that non-company customer gets tax exempt.
  • [Vultr] Fixed: SSH keys are not displayed inf vm fails to deploy
  • [Vultr] Fixed: VM is not showing up in client account if vps order type is not selected

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