New Features

  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to access certain report groups
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to customize reports
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to edit client groups
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to view/edit domain prices
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to view/edit orders prices
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to view/edit service passwords
  • [Admin] Added: ACL in staff details to view/edit service prices
  • [Automation] Changed: Domain synch will be always auto-called after transfer request
  • [General] Added: Option in general settings to disable sign-up notifications for domain contacts
  • [IPAM] Added: OnApp IPAM import now can auto-update IPAM IP assignments based on actions taken in client portal
  • [Mailchimp] Changed: The MC product description is now translated into the client's language
  • [OpenSRS Email] Added: New module to automate Hosted OpenSRS Email provisioning
  • [Reports] Added: Ability to change report group
  • [Reports] Added: Client selector for reports that requires providing client id
  • [TheSSLStore] Added: AutoInstall SSL tokens client function
  • [TheSSLStore] Added: Support for DNS and HTTP(s) DCV methods
  • [TheSSLStore] Added: Support for multi-domain certificates

Bugs Fixed

  • [Admin] Fixed: Error in order draft when adding coupon code.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Form discounts do not work in order draft.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Some passwords may break acount input form.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Unable to setup pricing when creating new SSL product.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Wrong recurring price shown in upgrade order draft
  • [Automation] Fixed: Domain deletion task mixes "after" with "before" domain expiration date argument
  • [Calendar] Fixed: Lines in textarea when editing descriptions are to wide.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Error when applying coupon on domain selection step
  • [Cart] Fixed: Phone number field is described as fax on ssl orders.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Promotion codes for products can't be applied
  • [Clients] Fixed: Client groups are not displayed correctly if those use non-ascii chars
  • [Clients] Fixed: Ticket statistics in client profile does not include tickets opened by contacts
  • [ComodoSSL] Fixed: Client area shows outdated location for validation file.
  • [ComodoSSL] Fixed: Client area suggests wrong DNS record type for validation.
  • [DomainDNS] Fixed: Account IP is set to DNS server IP when zone is being auto-created
  • [General] Fixed: OS License description in invoice does not show related account
  • [OnApp] Fixed: Error about user id when creating new account.
  • [Support] Fixed: Imported emails have broken URL
  • [Ticket Related Service] Fixed: Admin service selector does not load client services

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