New Features

  • [Automation] Added: Ability to set a macro for the task that opens the ticket
  • [Automation] Added: Option for Change Post-paid to Pre-paid to disable the feature that adds service renewal fee to invoice queue when the task is executed.
  • [DirectAdmin] Added: Ability to select "Random Free IP" in product configuration
  • [] Added: An option that generates an invoice during the transfer when the domain state is blocked

Bugs Fixed

  • [2019 Theme] Fixed: OneStep order domain form resets if order configuration gets changed
  • [Admin] Fixed: When adding product manually to invoice domains are not marked as taxed
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Cancelled commission are displayed as pending
  • [Affiliates] Fixed: Fraud orders show up in affiliate client portal as Pending
  • [Bambora] Fixed: When re-using token transaction added may be multiplied in some cases
  • [Billing Contact Select] Fixed: Selector of contact sometimes appear in cart for unregistered clients
  • [Cacti] Fixed: Module fails to properly list ports for switches with more than 1000 returned ports
  • [Cart] Fixed: Can't disable checkbox form if it is configured to mark first option as default
  • [Cart] Fixed: Going back to edit an order on one-step template will reset domain config.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Unable to submit an order with credit on some templates
  • [Cloudstack] Fixed: Missing translations in IP management
  • [Customer Rewards] Fixed: Wrong currency is used when awarding customer with credit
  • [Jelastic] Fixed: Module adds credit to invoice even when invoice is paid
  • [OpenProvider] Fixed: In some cases, the module adds multiple domain renewal tasks
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Power On failes to start the VM in some cases.
  • [Openstack] Fixed: Some VMs display image name as "Unknown"
  • [Orders] Fixed: Admin-entered syntax error in user/domain generation template breaks order flow
  • [Password Strength Meter] Fixed: Module does not render in cart signup form
  • [Services] Fixed: Related services do not display all parent relations
  • [Support] Fixed: Ticket Timer does not correctly set the email template that should be sent to a staff member
  • [] Fixed: Issue renewing nonIDN domain names

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