New Features

  • [DynECT DNS] Added: New DNS management module to help you provision & manage DynECT DNS
  • [Admin] Added: Option to specify discounts for specific forms in promotion codes and client groups
  • [DNS Zone Editor] Added: 10 minutes TTL option in add/edit record
  • [Exact Online] Added: Exporting invoice with discount lines remove them from exact invoice, and apply discount to previous lines
  • [Exact Online] Added: Option to "print" invoices after export to obtain "Processed" status in exact of exported invoice
  • [Realtime Registry] Added: Support for v2 API

Bugs Fixed

  • [Ticket Related Service] Fixed: Admin service selector does not load client services
  • [Automation] Changed: Domain synch will be always auto-called after transfer request
  • [Clients] Fixed: Client groups are not displayed correctly if those use non-ascii chars
  • [Automation] Fixed: Domain deletion task mixes "after" with "before" domain expiration date argument
  • [Admin] Fixed: Domain actions generate 'wrong parameter' error.
  • [Admin] Fixed: Some passwords may break account input form.
  • [Cart] Fixed: Select with search form component does not search with partial names
  • [Exact Online] Fixed: Export uses export date as invoice date, rather than actual invoice date
  • [Exact Online] Fixed: Export uses invoice id, rather than formatted id during export
  • [Exact Online] Fixed: Hidden products/categories are not available in module configuration
  • [GatewayFee] Fixed: Subscription transaction does not include gateway fee, resulting in client credit.
  • [Gateways: Mollie] Fixed: Mollie sends wrong language emails for customers with dutch language
  • [Mailchimp] Fixed: By placing an order in a different currency than the default one, the price did not update in the cart
  • [Proxmox2] Fixed: Error about IP limit when creating account after failed attempt.
  • [QuickbooksOnline2] Fixed: Unable to export transactions
  • [QuickbooksOnline] Fixed: Unable to export transactions
  • [Support] Fixed: Editing ticket or trying to add replies with 4-byte (eg. emoji) characters removes content after it
  • [Support] Fixed: Emails are imported with no message
  • [Support] Fixed: Imported tickets display 4-byte utf-8 characters as "?"

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